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"RYTfix has again gone over the top in making us feel great about choosing their services over any other in this area. There are many computer technicians that offer the services Richard does but what they don't offer are the tutorials and assurances that the work he does is indeed top-notch.
A very talented and knowledgeable person with a second sight in recognizing faults, he actually fixes things not just 'masking' the fix with more unnecessary toys most of us will never use. He also does it with humanity, a trait not common amongst many these days where he actually cares about his customers. Makes me feel right about my choice in RYTfix, I will always seek out Richard and his services.
I like your style."
Keep up the great work!   Wayne Reid Apr 19, 2015

Richard Yaghi is a Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator, CompTIA A+ Certified Professional, Network+ Certified Professional and has been delivering unparalleled computer repair service since 2004. 

Richard began by servicing and repairing computer systems for friends and family in and around the Mattawa area. He was receiving so many requests for computer repair that in August 2010 he decided to open RYTFIX Computers; a family-owned and operated computer repair service with the vision of protecting and supporting Mattawa's computer users. RYTFIX's relationships with customers and the community is based on trust and responsiveness. With proven results, and a commitment to provide top quality service, RYTFIX has earned their reputation of a superior computer repair service.

RYTfix Computers

Here at RYTfix Computers, we are dedicated to you and all your different computing needs.

We've been around for over 7 years and we've won the trust of many as the best computer repair company. Our most important win is making you a happy customer. 

Why choose RYTFIX Computers?

"At RYTFIX it's all about the customer." We value our customers who are the backbone of our business. We are passionate about ensuring that our customers get the most out of their PC experience providing them with the results they want and the know-how to keep it that way for a long long time. We take our work seriously and treat our customers right. You can bank on it!! Take a look at our Testimonial Page to see what customers have said about the service they received from RYTFIX Computers.
Affordability - We'll save you money
Reliability - Less downtime means more productivity
Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability - Network Security                                                                       
Disaster Recovery Solutions - Peace of mind
Personalized Service - Our focus on Customer Relations 

RYTFIX encourages "Green" thinking by computer owners toreduce, reuse and recycleby fixing that slow computer rather than tossing it out. RYTFIX will restore your system to a factory shipped state for a fraction of the cost of a new one saving you money and helping reduce our impact on the environment.

For fast service call:
(705) 498-8079
233 Gravelle Road
Mattawa ON P0H 1V0
License #200866739
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For the results you want - RYTFIX is the Right Choice

Our mission at RYTFIX is to raise the standard for mobile computer technicians and our vision is to be recognized as the expert in computer solutions that provides guaranteed, high quality, value added benefits and efficiency at the lowest price. 

RYTFIX Computers is a trusted name in computer repair, maintenance and support. You're the winner with RYTFIX in your corner.

We PREVENT data Loss!

Ask about our affordable maintenance packages. We will keep you up and running and protect you from data loss.

Let us optimize your system

Virus and malware removal

Better performance!

Faster Speed!

Peace of mind!

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