“It was the weekend and I had been working 14-hour days on job deadlines I just had to meet. Wouldn’t you know - my computer, my printer and my scanner all three conked out. I can’t remember being that frustrated. If you can believe it, Richard came over on a Sunday. He assessed my computer was teetering on the brink of crashing. Then he brought everything back better than ever. I am tremendously grateful!”   Stan Gibson Feb 1, 2018

“Good Morning Richard: You must have placed a magic bug in my PC, it has never lasted so long to keep performing after you professionally RYTFIXED my PC. Thank you”   June LaFranchise Dec 8, 2016

“If I didn't have Richard around to help me with all the mistakes I've made, my computer would be in the garbage. It's true. He is the best!!! Thank you, Richard.   Lynne Ewtushik Nov 18, 2016

“Thank you Richard for the computer talk & most of all, you are an honest man. Hard to find these days. You not only fixed my computer problems, doing so helps me to concentrate on other matters, rather than health issues. As you know, I like my games, lol. I can actually see them & colour is great! Richard loves his "Job Well Done". He spent time explaining about my PC, of course I won't remember all, as you said, "I'm only a phone call away". A-1 service, Richard will NOT mess you around. I'm new to Mattawa & Post Office clientele recommend Richard, for anyone that does not know Richard, I promise it will take only 5-10 mins. My son thanks you, now he can have more freedom, again, lol. Thank you, Richard.”                                 June LaFranchise Nov 17, 2016

“RYTfix always gets me out of a jam and is a good friend.”   Claudette Cross Nov 1, 2016

"Richard did some work on my laptop and Antoinette desk top .He was professional, efficient and did the work in a timely manner. The work is well done. Rates are reasonable we would recommend Richard for any of your computer repair work. Thanks for all help."   
Emile & Antoinette Delarosbil Oct 28, 2016

"Got the "blue screen of death" and I thought it was all over for my computer. Gave it to Richard Yaghi for 1 day and he had it up and running like new . Nice to have an experienced man like that around. nice job Richard."   Terry Kent Oct 18, 2016

"Thank you Richard.
You are the best. Thanks for all the good service. You always get me out of trouble. The help you have given me has smartened me up a lot I will always remember."   Charlie Campbell Oct 17, 2016

“Richard of RYTfix computers comes through again. He fixed both of computers when the big electronic store said they were beyond repair buy new ones. When in doubt bring it to Richard at RYTfix he is honest and reliable. He will tell you if it can be fixed. We were only without our computers for a few days great service and very reasonably priced Thanks again Richard.”   Shelley Porsche May 24, 2016

“Richard just upgraded my computer to level 10 and it made my comp faster, less troubleshooting and honest to have for my choice. thanks Richard for all.”    Gay Clarke Apr 26, 2016

“I am so pleased that my recent computer problems have been solved by Richard Yaghi of RYTfix Computers once again. He worked diligently and competently to find the problems in my computer and successfully repaired it. Thanks also for all the information that he taught me about my computer during this process. The final bill was very reasonable and I certainly appreciate that! Whenever I encounter a new problem in the future, I will not hesitate to call for the technical skills of RYTFIX Computers.”   Fran Hillman Apr 25, 2016

“Richard thanks for your help this week. Next time I have computer trouble I won't call the US manufacturer who just told me I had to pay them lots and lots of $to fix my computer. You helped me fast and made it easy. For anyone who reads this: Don't trust people you don't know at big tech call centres, just call RYTFIX!”   Douglas Patterson Dec 24, 2015

“RYTfix worked on 2 computers for me with excellent service, professionalism, and honesty! The computer doctor you’re looking for! 5 stars, highly recommended!”   Bruce Perreault Apr 19, 2015

“Boy, Richard does it again! Had lots of trouble with my computer for Lions Club, and didn't know I had downloaded a huge hungry virus rated the 28th worst in the world while doing what I thought was an upgrade with Microsoft Windows......prompted me to OK the changes to computer and I quickly and stupidly went OK. It gave Richard quite the challenge to get rid of and reinstall the whole system. Took hours to do, but he called me several times as he was repairing it telling me what was going on, costs involved, and had my laptop back in no time with really reasonable rates with the work involved and amount of time it took. I rate you 150% loyal and trustworthy to your clients. Thanks again Richard.”   Lise Reid May 24, 2015

"RYTfix has again gone over the top in making us feel great about choosing their services over any other in this area. There are many computer technicians that offer the services Richard does but what they don't offer are the tutorials and assurances that the work he does is indeed top-notch.
   A very talented and knowledgeable person with a second sight in recognizing faults, he actually fixes things not just 'masking' the fix with more unnecessary toys most of us will never use. He also does it with humanity, a trait not common amongst many these days where he actually cares about his customers. Makes me feel right about my choice in RYTfix, I will always seek out Richard and his services.
I like your style. Keep up the great work!"   Wayne Reid Apr 19, 2015

"To thank you very much for your help in getting 2 of my laptops back in use. Unfortunately I picked up a few viruses in each one of my computers and went to you for help. Because of the distance between us, we suggested you take over the controls from your end and the results is that both units are working as if they are new, just off the block. Very important is that I was able to follow the cleanup process you initiated and more than that, I was able to receive information from you concerning the workings of the computers. The experience from my end was truly great. Again many thanks for your patience and good works. I will recommend you to anyone who requires computer repairs."   Ernie Dufresne Apr 09, 2015

"Richard thanks again for fixing my computer it is greatly appreciated. You take extra care of your customers and make sure we are totally happy before leaving us with our computer. Talk about quick!!!!!!!!!!!!! You’re like the same day courier. I am a very happy customer and you will always be my computer's doctor. Thanks for your patience and smiles."   Theresa Townsend :) Mar 25 , 2015

"I had Richard install Windows 7 on my computer and what a great learning experience. Not only is my computer so much keener, Richard took time to walk me through all aspects of Windows 7 as well as all newly reinstalled programs. He also made sure I felt comfortable with all applications. He installed and reinstalled all items without a glitch. He make sure that nothing had been missed. He is always available for help when needed and very reasonable in his billing. I would like to recommend Richard to anyone looking for a dependable, available, capable and sympathetic computer tech. Thanks for your patience, Richard. You sure make my life easier!"   Louise Guérin Jan 31, 2015

"RYTFIX has been there for me every time I needed some assistance with my computer. Thank you RYTFIX for your help. I would definitely recommend you to my family and friends."   Elizabeth Holm Jan 28, 2015

"Would like to thank Richard for the time he took to walk us through our computer being fixed. He takes the time to make sure that everything is explained clearly so you understand. Also thank you for the follow up to make sure things are still running great."   Sigrid Desautels Jan 25, 2015

"Richard has been our friend now for some time and each time we see him for computer issues there is no question problems will be resolved, that is a given. His recipe for a great business is certainly evident but his attention to 'people' is what he really does best, he has a huge heart and will do over and above to satisfy his clients. People may forget what you did but they will never forget how you made them feel."   Wayne Reid President Mattawa Food Bank Nov 16, 2014

"We're so grateful that we found Richard/Rytfix. We had a series of problems with our computer and couldn't find solutions anywhere else. Richard solved everything. He was helpful, considerate, and professional. Plus he came right away and solved everything fast. Rytfix is a real asset to Mattawa!"   Doug Patterson Apr 15, 2014

"Wowwwww what a great guy, I was having big problems with my laptop and was ready to put it on the yellow line and watch the traffic pass on it. I was really upset. We called Richard at (RYTFIX) best thing we could have ever done. What a man, He took my laptop and fixed it in less than a day. No more yellow lines. If I have a problem I call and he comes and fixes it right away. He wants to please his customers and he is doing a fantastic job of doing so. Rytfix computers is the place to call if you have "ANY" kind of problems with your computer. He will take the time and has the patience to help you understand your computer which I need a lot of help. He will teach you new things to make it easy for you to find things. I am a very HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY customer and when I am happy my husband is happy :) Thank you so much for helping us with our laptop, it was greatly appreciated. Stress free and happy."   Theresa and Larry Townsend Jan 22, 2014

"Richard fixed our computers in excellent timing and cost efficiency. He is very patient, very kind, very friendly, and does a great job. He even taught us some things about our computers we didn't know and gave us some knowledgeable advice. His explanations are very easy to understand and makes sure that his customer goes away happy.  RytFix is the place to go for complete and thorough fixing and cleaning up of mistakes. He is very easy to get hold of when you have questions, and answers those questions very honestly, and knows what he is talking about. Richard cares about his customers and will call for an up-date of how the computer is running. Thank you Richard you’re a good person."    J&E Jones Jan 22, 2014

"Thanks to the fast reply to Richard my laptop is doing well. Again great service and kind and understanding, the mistakes I do on here should make his head spin but he comes with a smile and he leaves us with a smile. You’re an awesome, honest, trusting and very helpful man and  your prices are very fair. He does the work because he loves his work and it shows. Thanks again see you soon lol :)   .   Theresa and Larry Townsend Jan 22, 2014

“I would like to thank RYTFIX for the work they did on my computer and their honesty. Richard took the time to show me what he did to it and to teach me things about my PC.  I would recommend RYTFIX to my family and friends. Thanks again.”   Dale Thibert Sept 27, 2013

“I strongly recommend Rytfix to anyone who is looking for excellent, fast and efficient service with a smile.  Richard always has the patience and time to answer your questions and lead you through the right steps to the solution.  Very keen on building a business that fits the needs of all levels of clients.  I very much appreciate his help. Merci, Richard.”   Louise Guérin Aug 13, 2013

“Richard Yaghi has done it again.  A phone call away, Richard solved a problem with my Quick Time program on the computer so I am able to watch videos of my wee granddaughter sent from California.  I have found Richard so reliable when I have problems with the computer.  His response time is excellent, he is very patient when explaining what was wrong and what he was doing to rectify it, and his rates are extremely reasonable.  I have no hesitation at all in recommending Richard Yaghi to anyone who needs a computer fix.  I was considering buying a new laptop, but Richard said not to waste my money, the one I have now is just fine- and you know, he is right.  It is working great. Thank you very much Richard.”   Hazel Swindle Aug 12, 2013

“Thank you Rytfix for helping me with my computer. And thank you to my friend for telling me about you. You’ve done a good job fixing my computer and you explained everything you've done. Very friendly and answers questions you ask him. Thanks again Richard for helping me”   Theresa Lamirante April 25, 2013

"I was losing patience with all the problems my laptop was giving me {actually I was ready to throw it out] and decided to call RYTfix although I still have warranty on it but have to take it to North Bay. Richard came and checked the problem, took the laptop and returned with it the next day...problems I had all fixed! Richard took the time to explain what he did and where the problems were. We are very fortunate to have such an honest, friendly and very efficient technician in town. Thank you RYTFIX for a job very well done. I won't hesitate to call again if I ever have another problem!"  

Lillian Larocque April 19, 2013

"Once again Richard came to the rescue and fixed up our laptop and our son's laptop. This work was done over a long holiday weekend in order to get them back to us as quickly as possible. We really appreciated the dedication and hard work that went in to get us up and running again. Not only does Richard fix the computer problems he always takes the time to educate us with some computer skills we are lacking! Thanks again for the great work and sharing your knowledge."   Susan and Richard Ott April 3, 2013

"We recently had problems with our laptop.....too much stuff on it that we didn't need, and slow as molasses.  We contacted Richard Yaghi of RYTfix and he promptly came to our rescue...His accuracy and customer satisfaction is amazing.  He made sure we understood what he had done, what had to be done in order to run the computer smoothly, and his rates were affordable. We will definitely be using RYTfix from now on....he even offers telephone assistance should you ever need it, and at no charge to us current customers...now that's service.  We are very fortunate to have him in our small local area."   The Mattawa Lions Club, Lise Reid February 1, 2013

“I was ready to toss the desktop out in the driveway, waiting for everything to open and limited to what we could do, RYTfix transformed that sick old computer into a racecar. Now when I boot up I need to use a seatbelt and it never worked better. His attention to detail is superb and makes sure we understood all that was done, none better than RYTfix in my book...we'll be back!”   Wayne Reid Jan 11, 2013

“When my computer went down I phoned ryt fix and was surprized to talk to a person not a machine and he wanted to look at it right away, So we went over (20 min) dropped it off. I was surprized that 1 hour later he called and told me what he had done so far and would be calling again to keep me posted with anything he was doing and the cost. That night he came over with the computer fixed and ready to go, I however did not know the accsss number to get on. The patience that was given while we went through papers to find the number was amazing.  I have never been more impressed with a company he just spent 2 extra hours looking for paper worrk and different options to get my computer online  at "no extra charge". I could not belive it. So now I am back on the net and I have had to call ryt fix a few times to help me get into sites and it has never been a problem and the nice thing is it is "free".You can tell they really value their customers. I will be a repeat client.I no longer have to travel 1 hour; 2 to 4 times to get good work that is, cheaaper then I have seen , fast and reliable. I can get it in Mattawa.”    Sigrid Hughes and Doug Desautels Aug 28, 2012

“I used one of those on-line diagnostic programs to clean up my pc but it ended up corrupting the entire machine. RYTFIX spent several hours rebuilding it and was able to restore my data; they even supplied me with a loaner. It was a pleasure working with such a knowledgeable and honest business; I would recommend their services to everyone.”   Bob Simmonds Aug 14, 2012

“When our Seniors Club of Mattawa ran into difficulty with our computer, we were advised to call 'RYTFIX', highly recommended by many of our members. Richard Yaghi came immediately, cleared up all our problems and went on to improve other areas in the computer before they became a liability.  Thank you Richard for your efficient work and complete diagnosis of our computer. We will definitely call you if we have any other problems or questions. You make new technology simple for seniors. Thank you so much.”   Eleanor Humphrey August 6, 2012

“I am happy to say that the work RYTFIX did on my computer earlier in the year both times it got broken was great!! They really know their computers! If I have any more problems I will be back for more repairs. Thanks for the great service!!”   Charlie Campbell August 03, 2012
“I am very grateful to RYTFIX Computers for the great used laptop that I am very satisfied with and for their patience in helping me understand the workings of a computer and to not be nervous. They also introduced me to SKYPE. Thank you again RYTFIX for always being there when we need you.”   Liz Craig August 01, 2012

“We simply cannot do without RYTFIX... It is truly a blessing to have in our own town a caring, dependable and professional “MR. FIXIT " He always presents himself with a big smile & a kind word. His work is always exceptionally well done & to our satisfaction. He is honest & patient & will go out of his way to be helpful. He is presently working on transferring our family VHS tapes to DVDS & doing a super job. We are sincerely grateful. Thank you Richard for your excellent work.”    Moe & Marilyn Gauthier July 17, 2012  

“I've taken advantage of this business on a few occasions and I’m always more impressed each time I do.  If people in our area want honesty, excellent and cost effective service, then there is only one business that I’d recommend without question....That business is RYTFIX Computers run by Richard Yaghi!! He runs his business to help his customers...for every dollar you spend you get $10 in service...because he is concerned with you! He wants you to be happy with the work he does for you and will continue to help as long as you need him! You cannot find anyone more knowledgeable and caring! When you have him do the work you will learn so much about using your computer! Don't go anywhere else!!! I am happy that I met him........Richard, you are excellent!!! Good on ya, mate!!”   Vic Jeske July 7, 2012

"RYTFIX provided me with the computer services that I needed to get me back on track and meet my technical needs. The service that was provided by the RYTFIX team was fast, effective and friendly; my computer was picked up, repaired and delivered within 24 hours. RYTFIX has a well deserved reputation at being efficient and reliable. They have definitely made me a believer." Nico Walters July 06, 2012

“I had been having problems with this computer and was ready to throw it out the window when my husband Jack who was also having problems with his own took them both and brought them to RYTFIX Computers. My husband Jack has been dealing with RYTFIX for years and has been very satisfied with their fast, efficient service and very reasonable rates. A day or so later, Richard delivered my computer home and explained a few things like updates and defrag among other things I had not been doing, plus a whole lot more. My computer is now like new and his help via telephone and email is very convenient. I will continue to use his very professional, quick service and I will recommend RYTFIX to any senior who wants help with their computer. P/S: Richard is also a very patient teacher. Thank you very much Richard.”   Louise McOrmond June 22, 2012

“RYTFIX has set the standard for courteous, professional service. Although we are hundreds of kms' apart, they remotely took over our computer from Mattawa and corrected the problem! They’re the best.”   Norm and Lyn Craig Jun 15, 2012

“Our organization, The Mattawa Museum has known Richard Yaghi for several years and we would not go to any other computer specialist. His rates are very reasonable, the service very professional, friendly and he has been known to drop whatever he is doing and show up at a moments notice. We are very lucky to have such a specialist in computers in our area that is not only reliable but very honest. We haven't known many, if any businesses that will follow up to ensure that you were happy with your service and that everything is working well. The Museum board wishes "RYTfix Computers" the very best, and hope for continued success!”   Sincerely, Mattawa Historical Society and Museum June 14, 2012 

"Richard Yaghi of Rytfix Computers has done an exceptional job fixing our computer. He was professional, efficient, and friendly.  When the job was done he continued to follow up to ensure our satisfaction.  His price was reasonable and he continues to be extremely helpful with any questions we might have. Thanks again Richard."   Chris and Francine Whalley May 29, 2012

 "I have known Richard from a previous work environment and knew him to be an honest hard worker. We met on occasion in town after we left that other work location, and he mentioned that if I needed any work on my computer to give him a call. Well the opportunity came quicker than I wanted it to. My computer continued to get slower and I spent more time waiting for files to open, etc, than doing the work. I decided to download some of my files on a memory stick, but did not get them all downloaded before it would not run anymore. I gave Richard a call and he came over the same day. Richard took my computer with him thinking it just needed a thorough cleaning. Upon further testing he discovered the hard drive was ready to crash. Richard gave me a quote to install a new hard drive and reinstall all the program files. I gave him the ok and he had my computer back to me within a couple of days operating like a new one. Richard was very reasonable in his pricing and professional in the work he performed. I would not hesitate to recommend RYTFIX COMPUTERS to anyone having problems with a computer.  Thank you for the professional help."   Conrad Blake May 28, 2012

"I have known Richard and worked with him in the past. he is very friendly and he will help you in any way he can.I gave him a call to fix my computer and he came and worked very hard to fix it. He is fair and reliable.I would highly recommend his services. Now my computer works like a new one."   Etta Blanchard May 26, 2012

"Richard fixed my computer and optimized my system so that it runs much better. He offers prompt, friendly and reliable service. Thanks, Richard."   Linda Prosh April 13, 2012

"As a person, Richard is a warm, open and welcoming gentleman with a comforting and easy smile.  As a technician he is knowledgeable, efficient and every bit a professional. I recently required malfunction diagnosis, repair and data recovery for my laptop and sought Richard’s experience.  He was not only eager to assist me, but was also polite, informative and was able to successfully help me with outstanding results and UNDER quoted price.  Despite the pending holidays (my computer crashed less than a week before Christmas) Richard was able to fix my computer and have it returned to me with greater than expected results in less than 48 hours. I am ever thankful to Richard and the services he provided to me.  I would return to RYTFIX Computers in a heartbeat and would have no hesitation in recommending Richard to others!  Thank you again for everything Richard!"   Nicole Bergevin January 11, 2012

"Again it was Richard to the rescue when my home pc got ill. With a prompt and professional service, he was able to give me a detailed analysis of my system. He repaired it for a reasonable cost, the next day I picked up my unit; he gave me some operational tips.  And now I am back online.   Thanks Richard"   Dave Thibault December 7, 2011

"Because of his prompt and courteous service, and well detailed analysis, Richard was able to repair my home pc professionally and without delay. I strongly advise anybody to use Richard for his pc repair services."   Kelly Thibault December 7, 2011

"I met Richard Yaghi and his family a couple of years ago and recently learned about his computer business!! I would recommend him highly for his knowledge, expertise, and qualifications. When I took my computer in for repair, I knew that I was in the right place!! He is an engineer who can explain everything in a manner that anyone can understand, and when you walk out with your computer he presents you with all of the things he has done and The price is more than reasonable!!!! Richard, you are a very fine gentleman.....and I would trust you with any computer work without question!! If you need any computer work done, you cannot go wrong and you will be happy that you took it to RYTFIX...Thanks, Richard"    Vic Jeske Nov 26, 2011

  "Well Richard, there are only two words I can say…THANK YOU!! You did a great job and my computer has never run so good. You saved me from buying a new computer. Your service is amazing; not only were you able to fix my computer on short notice but you also delivered it back to me on short notice as well. I’m very pleased with your service and would recommend RYTFIX’s services to anyone. Thanks again"   Nicole Perreault November 07, 2011

"I was first introduced to Richard Yaghi by a local businessman who informed me that Richard was in the computer repair business called RYTFIX Computers. RYTFIX IS THE RIGHT WORD. This guy is super. He took my computer and cleaned it out completely and added a lot more RAM to it. Now it’s like a new computer. Richard, you saved me from buying a new computer, plus I gained a new friend. RYTFIX is the place to call. Thanks again RYTFIX."   Moe and Marylin Gauthier September 27, 2011

"My PC was not working well and my daughter Sheri told me about RYTFIX Computers and the great job they did fixing her PC. So I had nothing to lose. I brought it to them and as I walked in, the owner Richard Yaghi stated that he would have picked it up. A few days later he called to tell me that it was running well and ready for pick up. When I got there he walked me through all that he had done and gave me a crash course on some programs I didn't know existed. Now the old PC works like a charm. There’s no doubt about RYTFIX’s ability to fix PC’s and no need to fear because they’re great at what they do. I would recommend them to anyone."   Ernie Lamirante September 15, 2011 

"We had the pleasure of having RYTFIX Computers work on our computer and laptop this past day and evening. Richard Yaghi is the most efficient “computer guy” I have ever dealt with, I found him to be truly honest and sincere and just a real nice guy. I would recommend RYTFIX in a second; you will be pleased with their knowledge and kindness. Thank you RYTFIX for coming to our rescue."   Lorelle & Gerry Brazeau September 07, 2011
"I called RYTFIX Computers when my daughter's laptop crashed recently.  I dealt with Richard Yaghi, who arranged a pick-up of the computer and gave me a flat rate to get the computer up and running.  That evening he called with an update, telling us that a virus had caused the crash.  He was able to recover all of our documents and installed a free anti-virus program.  When we picked up the laptop, he took time to review what he had done and taught my daughter how to prevent a crash in the future.  The laptop now runs as fast as the day we bought it!  Richard called later to follow up and ensure that everything was running well.  He also asked if we had any questions at all and stressed that we should call him with any problems, even if they seemed small.  RYTFIX does excellent work and follows that up with excellent service.  They are my first choice for help with any computer-related problems we have."   Keith Dillabough August 24, 2011  

"RYTFIX got rid of a nasty virus on my old computer. My computer is now like new, faster and more enjoyable to use. I highly recommend Richard Yaghi for your computer needs. I will most definitely use RYTFIX again if my computer fails. Thanks Richard"   Harold Sloan July 04, 2011

“RYTFIX Computers is the best computer repair company to call when you're having issues with your computer. Richard not only optimized my computer's performance, but he also explained everything to me that he was doing to fix it. His knowledge of the inner workings of a computer is phenomenal and he worked on all the problems related to my computer that I had until I was 100% completely satisfied. I would highly recommend his services to anyone who wants an honest, reliable repair and/or check-up for their computer.”   Fran Hillman July 2, 2011

"I am so pleased that my recent computer problems have been solved by RYTFIX Computers.  No more dreaded blue screens and worrying that my pictures or files would be lost forever!  RYTFIX personnel worked diligently and competently to find the problems in my computer and successfully repaired it.  Whenever I encounter a new problem in the future, I will not hesitate to call for the technical skills of RYTFIX Computers. Thanks also for all the information that I learned about my computer during this process."   Fran Hillman June 27, 2011

“I brought my HP laptop to Richard Yaghi at RYTFIX Computers. The unit was doing a whole bunch of weird things; it was to the point that I couldn't use it anymore. Richard asked me to bring it in and he would have a look at it. With courtesy and promptness he called me back with a solution and an alternative to the problem. He offered a reasonable price for a great service package. The next day the laptop was ready to go and running like a charm. I would strongly advise for anyone that is looking for a tune up, upgrade, or complete service, should give Richard a call. Thanks, Richard.”   Dave Thibault June 25, 2011  

"RYTFIX Computers was the right way to go to finally resolve all the difficulties we were having with our computer.The problems were immediately assessed and a replacement tower was provided until ours could be returned the next day.We found the service to be quick, thorough, and very efficient. Richard, your easy-going manner has made it such a pleasure to deal with you.We owe you a debt of gratitude."   Nicole & Julie Bedard June 29, 2011

“I cannot find the words to express my gratitude to RYTFIX Computers! Last year, I was in a desperate situation after the hardware on my laptop was severely damaged. The documents I needed for school were on that computer and so were all the photos I’d taken over a 3-year period. All of the other computer repair businesses said my data was lost forever. RYTFIX did what the others said was impossible and recovered 100% of the documents and photos from my computer! Now, RYTFIX is the only computer repair business I trust with my laptop. Thanks again, RYTFIX!”    Johnathan Buck June 18, 2011

"I would like to thank RYTFIX for their assistance in solving the problems I had with my with my e-mail account. As a new Mattawa business I would strongly recommend RYTFIX Computers to anyone having difficulty with their computers."   John Whalen June 6, 2011

"We first met Richard Yaghi May 13/11. His services were recommended by a friend. We found Richard interested, honest & quite knowledgeable. He responded quickly to our call. Our computer was very sick and Richard was able to cure the problems/issues. Richard follows up with us to insure we are satisfied with his service and he is prepared to answer our queries. We highly recommend RYTFIX and are thankful he was available at our time of need. We will utilize his services, if required, in the future."   Helen & Ernie Dufresne May 18, 2011

"Thank you once again for the knowledge you gave us about our computer. We learned a lot from the pointers you gave us. Once again thank you."   Punch & Dianne Chaput Apr 16, 2011

"Richard was not only extremely helpful but also very efficient in helping me deal with my computer problems.  He fixed all the problems I had, and also explained to me exactly what I needed to do in the future to avoid such problems when possible.  I would definitely recommend him to everyone I know who needs computer repair services."   Dan Saliba Apr 1, 2011

"I honestly can't say enough to thank you for the excellent service you have provided for my computer this past year. My computer runs constantly every day and a Vista isn't the easiest computer to use. Regardless of the problems that occur I can count on RYTFIX to be here on the same day I call. Not only is my computer repaired but Richard takes the time to teach me new skills to facilitate the work I do on the computer. Richard even set up my new website today. It is everything I could hope to see. Richard, you are my guardian angel. I highly recommend RYTFIX to everyone who is looking for fast, professional, and excellent service."   Eleanor Humphrey

"This is the first time that I have had dealings with Richard Yaghi and RYTFIX Computers. I am not an easy man to influence. I was raised that a man's word is his bond. RYTFIX is the kind of company both ethically and efficiency that this country needs more of. Both the work and the owner can be depended on . Thanks Rich."   Larry and Liza Thomson Jul 1, 2011

“RYTFIX is a very dependable and very very honest company. The owner is a man of his word and extremely fair and reasonable. You need work on your computer you will not find a more honest or competent person to deal with.”   Larry and Liza Thomson Jul 1, 2011

"Richard did a wonderful job with our computer fixing a virus problem promptly so that we had our computer up and running within 24 hours. He spent a lot of time introducing us to programs we had on our computer that we did not know even existed. We are not very tech savvy so all the personal attention he gave us was really appreciated. It is nice to have someone locally that we can trust with our computer. Thanks again Richard."   Richard and Susan Ott

"We are so pleased with the work that RYTFIX did to both of our computers. Not only was the work completed quickly, but their fee was extremely reasonable.  Perhaps the most pleasing aspect of their service was the fact that they called us to be sure that we were satisfied with the job they performed.  We would not hesitate to use them again....and will be in the near future. With many thanks."  Bob and Sue Marsh May 1, 2011

"Who would of thought, that on Christmas Eve day I would be able to get my pc fixed,  and have it back that afternoon.
The customer service is great,  and the price more than reasonable,  Rytfix makes my life easy."   Tom Porsche Dec 24, 2011

"Richard did a dandy job on our computer. He got rid of the virus, updated and improved our security systems, and cleaned it up. His service was prompt, efficient and courteous. We will use him for any future problems."   Nan & Murray Peavoy

“Wanted to compliment on the professional way RYTFIX helped me solve some problems with my computer. Thanks again”  G Clarke

"Richard is amazing! He fixed our computer and it was seriously damaged. He was able to recover everything and have our computer running like new again. I would highly recommend him if you have any problems what so ever. He goes that extra mile to make sure you're satisfied and is a pleasure to work with. Thanks again Richard."   Larry and Roxanne Lavoie Dec 5, 2010

" I had my PC tuned up by RYTFIX on Nov 27, 2010. Very professional service, cleaned up and improved performance. Got rid of a nagging virus after removal instructions failed. Highly recommended #1."   John Argo Nov 27, 2010

"I would like to say that I have used RYTFIX's services a number of times and found Richard Yaghi to be fair with me at all times. He is the only one I will trust with my computer."   J. J. McOrmond

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Our clients are enthusiastic about the service they have received from RYTFIX Computers.

Thank you to all our valued customers who are the reason we're here providing top quality service.

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